Eco-effective home design

Today I attended an excellent session on Eco-effective home design presented by architect Sid Thoo courtesy of the City of Swan.

It validated a lot of the initiatives I pursued and included in our own home design with a project builder; planning / design commenced in 2011 when the NATHERS 6-star rating requirement was imminent and not fully appreciated.

Sid’s seminar today caused me to realise two things:

1) There are two post-completion changes I need to make in order to achieve the house’s full potential. One simple (shade or tint the east-facing bedroom windows), and the other more complex (retrofit sash windows in lieu of awnings on our front elevation, to activate the intended passive-ventilation for night purging). I might actually have achieved 7 stars, and I would be keen to have the house assessed with these changes factored in.

2) We actually succeeded in incorporating a good number effective eco-effective home design elements based on principles learnt while completing my Construction Management & Economics degree, “despite dealing with a project builder”.

I’m thinking it be worthwhile recounting these features in an episodic case study (i.e. blog), to demonstrate the kind of “value add” Perthling Homebuilding Appraisals can bring to your build. Watch this space!

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